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We manufacture 5 models of azimuth antenna rotators and three models of elevation rotators

With our antenna rotators you can turn a small beam as well a big array, 

as ham radio or as professional employers.

The new "D" control boxes allow you to control with high accuracy your beams,

with manual command or preset, local or remote command and via RS232 computer too.

Look up each model features, and if you need some more info,

call our sales office, they will be happy to help you.

At our customer we offer, high quality with competitive prices, technical service and

  the possibility to have a customized rotator version and... at last:

TWO, yes TWO years of warranty.

In warranty time, if you break your rotator, we don't repaire it but we will give you a new unit.

The antenna rotator is an important component of your antenna system,

which have to serve you for many years.

If you find a good antenna rotator you can enjoy with it,

if you wrong your choise, you can cray with it.

Before to buy your new antenna rotator unit, look up the comparative table.

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